Team Boxes

Choose from any of the designs shown here or send us your ideas and let us design for you a unique team box exactly to your requirements and exclusively for your team. The designs are printed at high resolution onto self-adhesive labels and carefully applied onto white cardboard lids. They retain much of the classic design of the ‘70s heavyweight team boxes, but are additionally blended with club artwork from the same period. Unlike most box labels, they are a single piece, which covers the entire surface of the box lid. The graphics used for the boxes are the same as the heavyweight team box from the ‘70s, which we have painstakingly remastered from original designs to ensure it is practically indistinguishable from an authentic box. We have digitally recreated every logo from original artwork, identified the original typefaces and in some cases redrawn them where there is no modern digital equivalent. We have even reproduced the many imperfections introduced by the artist in the original hand drawn ‘70s design. All prices are shown in euros and refer to one box.

World Cup 1966

United Kingdom




Iron Curtain – Shqiperi (Albania)